Thursday, November 14, 2013


            As we move into the winter season, now is a good time to discuss your home comfort level. Here at Lindley Heating & Cooling we have decided that this question above all others is what we want to know. Our staff has spent this last year training and learning and preparing to launch an entirely new way of looking at your home. Some of you have already experienced the new Home Performance testing we can do to show you how to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient without having to invest in a new heating and cooling system. Furthermore in 2014 we will be the only residential home comfort specialist in central Indiana to offer a unique and highly efficient duct sealing technology. Combine this with the other Home Comfort options we have to offer and you are now able to be the most efficient home on your block.

            We at Lindley Heating and Cooling fell so strongly about what we are doing we are offering a $200 off savings to all of you our loyal customers to find out just how much you can save and what we can do to help with some of the most common complaints, such as;

  • Areas or rooms in your home that are too cold or to hot
  • Dust issues, having to dust even days after you just did
  • Allergy issues that are worse indoors
  • Smells and odors that linger
  • High utility bills even with newer equipment

Visit our website at and click on the VIDEOS tab on the home page. We have a wealth of information for you and even some do it yourself documents to help you save money now. We want you to know we are here to help and we are more than just a ‘box company’. We understand that you want answers to your home comfort needs form someone who knows and is not just guessing. Our staff is trained and certified to answer your questions and help you start enjoying the inside of your home all year long. 

Call us today for more information or any questions you may have. In addition do not forget to have your furnace serviced. Not only will it help you system survive another winter but it could avert major dangers we see every year.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Our e-newsletter is LIVE !

We are proud to announce our NEW e-mail newsletter. How do I get one you ask? Well its easy, simply reply to our recent request or sign up on our Facebook page at :

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Indoor Air Quality : It's not as safe as you think.

Local Contractor Offers New Solutions for Homeowners Who Want to Breathe Cleaner Air

Pittsboro, Indiana October 11, 2013 ― Consumer research shows more than half of today’s homeowners suffer from indoor environment problems such as hot or cold spots, allergies, excess dust, poor humidity control or high utility bills.  A local Indiana heating and cooling company recently achieved an exceptionally high level of training and certification to solve these problems.
Comfort Institute, Inc. is pleased to announce that Lindley Heating & Cooling of Hendricks County now meets the extensive training and customer service requirements to be accepted as a Comfort Institute Member Company.

Responding to consumer demand for better solutions to home comfort problems, Lindley Heating & Cooling chose to team up with Comfort Institute to find new solutions to heating, cooling and indoor air problems. The Comfort Institute is an international indoor comfort research, training and consumer protection organization.

Lindley Heating & Cooling staff members are fully trained to use advanced diagnostic instruments such as infrared heat leak finding cameras, Infiltrometer blower doors and air flow measurement devises to diagnose and solve hidden home and duct system problems.

Serving the community for more than 15 years, Lindley Heating & Cooling is more capable than ever to solve its customers’ heating, cooling and healthy indoor air needs.

For further information, contact Greg Woods at (317) 892-6024, or visit the Lindley Heating & Cooling web site at

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


  With all the hustle of the holidays and the confusion of the ‘fiscal cliff’ discussions one of the benefits may have been overlooked and with tax time upon us it is nice to get another credit if you can.


 Operations Manager for Lindley Heating and Cooling Greg Woods noted “We have been busy trying to contact our new installation clients for 2012 to be sure they take advantage of this credit”


 The recently passed American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 retroactively reinstates the

§25C tax credits for highly efficient HVAC and water heating equipment that expired at

the end of 2011.


 Specifically, the Act extends the tax credits that expired at the end of 2011 retroactively

to January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013 for qualified equipment pursuant to

Section 25C of the Internal Revenue Code. Because the tax credits were made

retroactive to January 1, 2012, they can be used for qualified equipment that was

Purchased and installed any time after December 31, 2011.

 What this means is that if you purchased certain high efficiency Furnaces/ Boilers, Air Conditioners, Heat pumps you can claim a nice credit on your taxes. I addition if you decide to make a change this year you will still get the credit.

“ It’s important that the client verify all the savings they get at time of purchase” says Greg Woods “ Not all system qualify, but with this extra tax credit it may help with the decision to go more efficient than not”

  In addition the 30% tax credit is also still in place for any Geothermal system that was installed or will be installed in 2013. “We always recommend you talk with a qualified tax preparer with any questions” says Mr. Woods. “It’s also important that you check your local utility company to be sure they are not offering a rebate as well”. Mr. Woods stated that many utility companies are helping folks get into new equipment to help get rid of old and very inefficient older equipment. “At peak usage times it is in the utility companies’ best interest to keep usage down”

 If you feel you may have purchased a new system that qualifies you can refer to the chart below or contact your installation company to review your information. They can supply you with the proper documents to be sure you get the credits you are due.





Product Type
Minimum Efficiency Requirements
Natural gas, propane, or oil with an AFUE of not less than 95
AC and HP
Split system central air conditioners that achieve 16 SEER and 13 EER
Packaged central air conditioners that achieve 14 SEER and 12 EER
Split system electric heat pumps that achieve 8.5 HSPF, 12.5 EER, and
Packaged electric heat pumps that achieve 8.0 HSPF, 12.0 EER, and
Advanced Main
Air Circulating
A fan used in a natural gas, propane, or oil furnace with an annual
electricity use of no more than 2 percent of the total energy use of the





Friday, July 27, 2012


Seriously it’s FREE!!     

                         I have been in the customer service business in one way or another for most of my adult life. I am told I am good at it and enjoy talking with folks and helping solve their problems. I can honestly say that most issues can be easily resolved if both parties are honest and listen to each other. Over the years I have found that there are certain TYPES of people and depending on what TYPE they are, it will affect the outcome of any issue. The following is MY breakdown of the consumer market.

·        75% of consumers NEVER or SELDOM complain to the company or manufacturer. They feel it is a waste of time and simply switch brands or tell themselves it is just there bad luck.

·        15% will complain only if it is a serious issue but will not follow through, leaving them feeling unsatisfied with the end results.

·        5% complain ALL THE TIME. I call these folks ENGINEERS, because they know everything about everything including about your job or product. Since they know better than you they will complain if it does not do or work the way they thought it would. It is also the category of folks with buyer’s remorse AFTER they have it for awhile or will not learn how to use it properly.

·        3% Claim it “never worked right” usually long after they have owned it and soon after it starts to act up. In most cases these folks never bothered to learn how to use it or bought the wrong item to start with. But they will continue to complain until they get something for FREE!

·        2% will follow through until the issue is resolved 100% and will then Thank You for your time and help.

The 2% are a category I fall into. As a professional in the world of customer support I know it is well worth the effort to complain every time you have a real concern. The fact is, if you do NOT complain how will anyone know if something is wrong or broken or DANGEROUS. Case in point FOOD, or FOOD POISIONING. Most folks do not know when they have gotten food poisoning. But if you have you will remember it forever. One of the first things you should do is call the local health department and alert them to where you think you got sick and what you ate. The fact is people DIE from this and if you do not complain it could get BAD. This is an example of REQUIRED complaining. The same is true with any DEFECT you may find with a product.

Feedback is also important in everyday life. You’re eating dinner out and your wife says her meal is just not right. Then the waiter asks “Is everything OK?” What do you think she says? That’s right they same response most folks are conditioned to say, “Everything is fine”. But it’s NOT FINE; you paid for it so you should get what you paid for. I worked in food service for many years when I was younger and I know it’s perfectly OK to complain. The wait staff wants you happy or they do not get tipped. They also LOVE giving the cooks a hard time if food is to right, trust me on this.

So, it’s important to remember that you deserve to get what you pay for. If you have a legitimate concern or question there is someone like me ready to help. The key to getting your problem resolved is to remain calm, speak to people the way you would like to be spoken too, and always know you can go UP the chain if you do not feel you are getting anywhere. The KEY to getting resolution is to use all the tools they give you, and know what you want to resolve the issue that will make you happy.  Customer support numbers and e-mail are useful, but it may require a REAL conversation. Just remember that the folks on the other end of the phone may not be able to resolve your issue themselves. Keep notes and hold people to their promises. Most importantly, remain calm, if you get angry most people will not help you or simply not speak to you at all.

Now as for the title, I will now share my latest and now ongoing issue with clients. Let me pose a question to you. If you pay for a service or product would you never use it? Let me rephrase that, if I called you and said you have a FREE (enter service/product) waiting for you would you never call back? Now before you say ‘of course not’ let me add this. At our recent county fair we had an entry box for a FREE TUNE UP on an air-conditioner. Every day we were going to draw a winner. That would have been seven FREE tune ups. My boss decides that EVERYBODY would win. Knowing this I tried even harder to get folks to drop their name in the box. Instead I was treated to a week of feeling like a carnival barker trying to get folks to come into my tent and see the dog faced boy. Not only did we get very few entries, but 75% have not even called back to claim their FREE TUNE UP.

We all dream of winning some big prize or lottery, but then when you get a letter or message on your voice mail saying CONGRADULATIONS YOU’RE A WINNER what do we do? It would appear the same 75% that never complain about an issue are the same folks who never win anything. Guess they can just chalk it up to bad luck, if you believe in that kind of thing. I say nothing ventured, nothing gained. How about you join me in that top 2% and feel like a winner more often, don’t cost anything!

Friday, July 13, 2012



               Today is going to be one for the record books. After taking some time away from the BLOG due to the holiday and the EXTREME heat keeping us so busy I am back. The topic for the day is WATER and what it means to us. First let us remember that WATER is one of the basic elements OR building blocks of life. We also have WIND, EARTH & FIRE. These four, made up of smaller elements can keep us alive and happy. I have many reasons to discuss this today. First, the Indianapolis metro area has issued a WATERING BAN effective today. This is a first for our area ever. Second the area has been added to a LONG list of counties listed as DISASTER areas due to lake of rain. Third, it’s my Birthday. Not just any birthday but the BIG 50. So I have had to pause this week and take a look at my life and see what I have done and where I will go from here. Add in the sudden death of a close friend and you have a prescription for REGRET if you let it all get to you.

               First things first, it has been HOT. Like the line from Mathew Broderick in “Biloxi Blues”, ‘This is AFRICA HOT; Tarzan could not take this kind of HEAT.’ For about a week we had temps at 100 or more! For us in Indiana that is not normal. Add in no rain of any kind since MAY and you can see why things are a little crazy. While the landscape folks and grass cutting guys have no work, we have been running 16 hour days, seven days a week for the last three weeks. It is good for business but hard on the staff and frustrating for clients sweltering in 100 degree houses. But as it continues to heat up the water supplies are dropping and this is not something we can make. So everybody is being asked to conserve and boy did that make folks mad. See some folks think water is for them to use for whatever reason and they will feel bad if there grass is not green. Now I own a WELL, so I know where my water comes from and I do not know about you but I like to DRINK water and think my grass can just wait for rain. But tell folks they cannot water the lawn or wash the car and it is the end of the world. As for the HEAT, we had a little reprieve, the temps dropped to 90 this week! So we are pushing hard to get everyone on our service list back up and running before AUGUST gets here and we start all over again.

               Second, I feel bad for all the farmers, so dependent on the rain, and nothing. I drive home every day and can see fields of corn no more than five feet tall and all curled up. They should be TEN feet tall and busting with big ears of corn. I have also fought a losing battle to try and save our many flowers and plants from the heat. I had to decide what to water and what to leave alone. We let all the new flowers we got in May wither and die to save the plants that grow every year. The trees and bushes are on their own. As I mentioned we need water to drink, bathe, and do laundry. These are important, watering the lawn or all the flowers or washing the car, not so much. The irony is I have also seen a lot of wasted water every day. Every air conditioner acts as a de-humidifier. The water dribbles out of the furnace via a small pipe and goes right down the drain. There are lots of other wasted water areas. See if you can find some at your house like waiting for the shower to warm up or running the water while you shave or brush your teeth. The bottom line is it takes a disaster to get folks thinking.

               Third item today is AGE. Today is my birthday and it is one that most folks see as a milestone and I see as a chance for AARP to remind me I am old enough to join them! REALLY, they sent me a membership card and everything. No HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN, just look what we can do for you. Not yet AARP, I am not going there yet. Age also came up in the last few weeks for a couple of other reasons. One, we are having an OLDEST Air Conditioner contest. It runs to the 20th of July and we have had about two dozen entries so far. I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of 30 PLUS year old running systems. One could be 50, but I cannot verify the age because the company, Stewart Warner, has been gone for 10 or 20 years. Goes to show you, that they DID make quality products in this country for years. The other age related item was brought up by the heat. I have mentioned in previous blogs that most folks are trying to keep the old air conditioner and furnace running as long as possible. But at 15+ years you are playing the odds. If you have had regular maintenance there is no reason it should not last 20, 25 years. The problem is most folks are NOT doing regular maintenance. This leads to major failures sooner than expected. Do yourself AND your system a favor, get a TUNE UP and make sure you will get another year or more.

               I would like to end by saying good bye to an old friend. Tom Smith was a unique man. I had known him for 30 plus years. He enjoyed life and had a singularly unique take on just about everything. He always had a joke, most bad, but it did not stop him from telling them. In the end he was taken too soon and will leave a lot of sad folks behind. But he has inspired me to move ahead with a project I have set aside and to look at 50 as half way to 100! Because in life everybody needs a GOAL…and WATER!

Thursday, May 24, 2012



               As we prepare to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend it is a good time to relax and have some fun with family and friends. This weekend is always a much bigger deal around here because of the Indianapolis 500. Growing up in the metro area I have become accustomed to all the goings on in and around the speedway leading up to the ‘greatest spectacle in racing’. The rest of the country just thinks of it as another race on TV and may not pay it much heed. Those of use in Indy do not even get to see the race on TV. It was the first major sporting event to impose a “TV Blackout” even if it is sold out. It has given the event a unique perspective to those of us growing up and listening to it on the radio. Now I know you can watch it live via the internet these days, but the radio still makes it more unique. It seems to add a sense of mystery and forces you to imagine the scene.

               The imagination is a wonderful thing. I also find it is an under used thing these days. Too much information being forced at us every day and most of it twisted one way or the other to get your attention. Even the weather forecasts have taken on an edge of DRAMA these days. As soon as they started talking about record heat our phones started ringing with worried folks, especially the elderly, wanting to make sure there air conditioners would work properly. They imagine the worst and fear they will be without something they have come to expect. Funny, up until 30 or 40 years ago central air conditioning was rare and expensive. Now we expect it everywhere we go. We cannot IMAGINE life without it.

               But if you are serving our country over in Afghanistan or some other far flung base you may not have to imagine at all. Daytime temperatures over 100 in the summer and you are carrying 50lb packs and wearing flak jackets. That my friend is HOT. So while you are sitting in your air conditioned house or in an air conditioned movie theater this weekend use your imagination. Image what it would be like to be in harm’s way every day, to have to worry about whom or what is over the next hill. Then imagine all of that AND you are hot and miserable and thousands of miles away from the folks you love.

               This weekend THANK the men and women who do what they do to keep us FREE. You probably know ONE person who has served now or in the past. Stop a soldier on the street and shake his or her hand and say THANK YOU. That is what this holiday is about. If you do that it will make you feel a lot better. That burger and beer taste a lot better, and the air conditioning feel that much sweeter.

               Happy Memorial Day to you and yours, and THANK YOU to my friends who have served.